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Quality Control 

Aurora is committed to provide our customers with the most value by continually improving our product and services while maintaining the highest quality standards. 

We provide a satisfactory solution for our customers that will meet or exceed their needs, which make our long-term relationships have been continued.

Aurora offers its clients moderate price, prompt shipment and high quality products. The stress on customer satisfaction is the primary focus of the endeavors at Aurora, which is the reason that we can survive in the intensely competitive market.

Incoming & In-process inspection function.

We do regular inspection and duly collect its quality records, and then sort out them by quality.


Quality testing before the cargo is ready for shipment.  

Normally we take samples and send to the reputable labs to do the inspection.


Sampling & samples reserved for every lot.   

We set up a good tracking system, we preserves samples for further reference for sales of every batch of products we sell. Retention samples shall be stored in a secure area under conditions within one year.


SGS/AHK/CCIC inspection is welcome.